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Health 5: Why you feel drained?

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With the perfect excuse of jet lag, intolerable heat and homesickness, I feel drained and can’t face work. Although I feel threatened every time I see the pile of work on my desk, I end up watching Japanese TV shows and start reading mystery books with my dog. And while doing so I found an article... full story

American Diet 3: Eat Sugar if you want to lose weight

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It looks like our waist line is controlled by our brains. Texas Health Science Center officials advised at a meeting in San Diego for American Diabetes Association that diet soda makes you fat. Really? I thought we should drink diet soda if we want to loose weight. It has zero calories. I drink... full story

American Diet 2: Eat nuts if you want to lose weight

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You might not believe in American diets since obesity is a huge problem in America. But, this is a country with great research facility. The logic is always perfect. The problem is how to implement it after a history of bad eating and bad life habits. Research done by Harvard University concluded... full story